Barefoot running is a current fad and is getting more publicity recently from the publication of the book, ‘Born to Run’. This book and many barefoot running websites claim many benefits for running barefoot, but there is little or no evidence to support the claims. The barefoot runners do tend to misuse research to support their causes. Podiatrists have been quick to point out the misinformation in the barefoot running community and often find themselves the target for criticism for this. It is hard to find a podiatrist who is opposed to barefoot running. One is even an active proponent of barefoot running! Most podiatrists who seem to get labelled as opponents of barefoot running are not opponents, they just objecting to the misuse of science and research. Several pieces of research have recently found there way into the news media claiming benefits for barefoot running or the harm done by running shoes, when the research did actually show that (see Barefoot Running Debate on Podiatry Arena). The French are also getting into the debate on barefoot running and athletics trainers as well.